Flower Power

azalea rhododendron_char_24x36_2012_outdoor

Rhododendron, charcoal & pen, 24×36

Spring is here and there’s something magical, awe inspiring about blooming flowers that makes me want to do art.  I was fixing my deck,  exhausted but when I saw these flowers and I was completely mesmerized by their light and shadow.  Charcoal seem the appropriate medium for nothing last forever.  The movement was furious and the lines – visceral.


precious look

acrylic, 16x20 2013
Portrait of Mai, acrylic, 16×20

Linda Portrait of Mai L

acrylic, 8x11 2012
American Staffordshire: Tank aka the nightmare, acrylic, 8×11
acrylic, 16x20 2012
Portrait of Taz in the Shadow of Simone, acrylic, 16×20

I think painting portraits is the hardest subject.  What can an artist do to capture the likeness, the essence dare I say, of the person.  Even when looking in the mirror, I don’t know what to make of that person.