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Star, Oil, 48x48in. 2013

Inspired by the passing of spring and all it’s magnificent colours, that I thought to challenge myself on painting as many as I can without using black or white.  In other words, pure natural colours.  Who to thank for other than mother nature herself? The stars – these tiny dots hanging in the nightsky.  They look frozen yet the opposite is so true.  A snapshot with the imagination would reveal billions, if not trillion, Gaga zillion colours!  This makes me wonder how much do we really see each moment…a blink of a second we miss.  How rich we could be with colours all around us.





precious look

acrylic, 16x20 2013
Portrait of Mai, acrylic, 16×20

Linda Portrait of Mai L

acrylic, 8x11 2012
American Staffordshire: Tank aka the nightmare, acrylic, 8×11
acrylic, 16x20 2012
Portrait of Taz in the Shadow of Simone, acrylic, 16×20

I think painting portraits is the hardest subject.  What can an artist do to capture the likeness, the essence dare I say, of the person.  Even when looking in the mirror, I don’t know what to make of that person.