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Value in Values

After all these years, should have paid closer attention to lightness and darkness. Having recently practiced and giving values careful consideration, sketches have added depth and perspective. What was really surprising was how quickly a scene can be rendered with less labour by simply blocking out the major light and dark areas. These are 15 minute sketches…a considerable improvement in speed and likeness versus before relying solely on perspective and tedious detailing in hour long drawings. Exciting where this improvement will take the artwork.



Chromatic 1 cropChromatic, 36x36in, 2013

How many colours are missed on TV?  The digital does not show everything, and in fact, analogue gaves a more complete picture.  Nowadays, people tend to prefer digital and not aware how much fidelity is lost.  Analogue captures everything included the air that muffles it, the vibration that distorts it.  Therein lies its problem because people in general love purity.



Star, Oil, 48x48in. 2013

Inspired by the passing of spring and all it’s magnificent colours, that I thought to challenge myself on painting as many as I can without using black or white.  In other words, pure natural colours.  Who to thank for other than mother nature herself? The stars – these tiny dots hanging in the nightsky.  They look frozen yet the opposite is so true.  A snapshot with the imagination would reveal billions, if not trillion, Gaga zillion colours!  This makes me wonder how much do we really see each moment…a blink of a second we miss.  How rich we could be with colours all around us.